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By the end of the year we will be able to remap new BMW & MINI F generation models through the diagnostic port ! No more ECU removal, no more board removals ! Quicker, safer and cheaper.

All VW Group 1.6 TDi engines can now be remapped through the diagnostic port (OBD) thanks to our new remapping tool purchase. This reduces the cost from £375 to £275.

Thanks to continued investment we now have the capability to remap the 2.2 TDCi Ford Transt Custom through the diagnostic port. No more ECU removal means the price has dropped from £375 to £295. Book yours in today !

Audi S5 Engine Carbon Clean

We are increasingly busy with the engine cleans and they are now the majority of our work, either combined with a remap or on their own. People are now adopting an 'engine carbon clean' as part of their annual maintenance. Not only is it restoring performance and economy, by cleaning up expensive components like turbos, EGR valves, CATs & DPFs it is ensuring they last a lot longer thereby saving hundreds and thousands in repair bills.

The latest statement by the VW Group is -

  • New vehicles with EU6 engines currently available not affected
  • All petrol models, as well as V6 TDI and V8 TDI models, unaffected
  • Technical solutions being developed and will be presented to responsible authorities before end of October

We are increasingly busy with engine cleans and remaps, but are concerned to see and hear of unscrupulous remappers using scare tactics to get work from owners of Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT & Skoda vehicles. Owners will not face fines or road tax increases if they do not get their vehicles remapped. Whatever happens VW and the government will resolve it and issue statements on any corrective action to be done by the VW Group.


This BMW M3 customer had an engine clean by another company and saw no results, we went and -  
5 starHad it done again and the car feels much better now! Throttle more responsive, engine little less noisy and no black fumes coming from exhaust! Top job Gary. Thanks.

So much quieter and more responsive was the feedback from the driver of this Mitsubishi after we did a detox on it. 

A Saab 9-3 1.9 T-iD with over 150,000 miles getting cleaned and quietened with a detox. 

An Audi A3 2.0 TDi getting a detox. It would not rev over 3,500 RPM when we arrived. By the time we keft it revved all the way to the red easily and was 3dB quiter and smoother too ! 

An Economy map, with added torque for towing, was added to this Mitsubishi L200 Trojan 2.5 Diesel.


Customer feedback after 2 days - Thanks Gary

I am very pleased with the performance, much smoother.

A Performance map for this VW Golf 1.9 GT TDi today, and a booking for an Engine Carbon Clean Central South detox too ! 

Honouring our Lifetime Software Warranty by reloading this customer's Eco map after the dealer deleted it with a software update at the last service.

We remapped this 105 BHP Audi A3 1.9 Tdi - giving it an extra 35 BHP, 67 Nm of torque and upto 15% better economy too ! 

Another lovely VW T5 1.9 TDi needing a Blend of more power and better economy

A customer was so impressed with the remap we did on his FIAT Scudo van, he had us back to do his wife's SEAT LEON 1.6 TDi

An Audi A4 2.0 TDi Quattro with extra go thanks to a Performance Remap.

More torque and better economy is the order of the day for this 2.2 Vauxhall Antara

It's cold & wet but we're delivering miles of smiles with an Eco remap on this VW Passat 2.0 TDi taxi in Alton

We gave the 3.0 TD6 Range Rover even more torque and better economy, it'll accelerate up steep hills even with the caravan on now.

A BMW 335i gets a Performance remap to add to its 'modest' 302 BHP

Another VW T4 2.5 TDi benefits from our Performance remapping to make it more fun to drive.

This 2004 Audi A4 1.8T with a K&N air filter and Performance remap now goes as good as it looks.

We gave this 10 year old Rover 75 2.0 CDTi an Economy remap to help out with its weekly commute between Wiltshire & Devon, and its upcoming trip to Scotland !

More power & economy for the VW T5 2.5 with a Blend remap and K&N filter.

We gave this brand new 1.4 T Vauxhall Mokka more go with a Performance remap. Result ? One very happy owner

A Blend of Performance & Economy will make this BMW 520d so much better.

An Audi A4 3.0 TDi getting a K&N air filter & Performance remap.

Back with my best customer remapping his 3rd FIAT Ducato based motorhome !

This is now more powerful, economical, smoother and loads quiter too ! 

A Blend of Power & Economy will make the 220 mile a day commute easier on the driver & his pocket.
2011 Mazda 6 Sport 2.2 D

A nasty tuning box removed and a quality Economy remap loaded on this FIAT Scud0 2.0 JTd, making it over 20% better on Economy, smoother and more flexible too.

Spending this evening in Exeter making this Sprinter go better.

Next, a BMW 523i now with more power and better economy.

First job of the day - more performance for a Mercedes C220 CDi Blue Efficiency.

More power and low down torque was given to help this Vauxhall Vivaro 1.9 DTi tow a boat and trailer up the slipways.


A Blend map on this 140 BHP 2.0 GT TDi VW Golf will make it’s daily motorway runs easier on the driver and his wallet.

A Performance map on this 130 BHP 1.9 TDi VW Passat as well as a K&N Air filter and a free flow exhaust will make it’s 220 mile a day commute lots better.


2003 Mercedes ML55 AMG we Performance Remapped with a K&N Filter as it’s original 350 BHP was not enough !

2010 Mercedes Sprinter 310 getting a Performance Remap to be a better Motorway Cruiser

Next up - We were called on to sort out this Golf GTi 2.0 TFSi, after it had been remapped and botched by a company not interested in sorting it out. It now runs like a Performance remapped GTi should !

This Megane 250 RS needed more power apparently, so a K&N filter was fitted and the a Performance map was written and loaded.


A 2013 Toyota HiLux 3.0D V-Box fitted. So discreet you can barely see it. 


A 2013 Toyota HiLux 3.0D, that we put a new type V-Box onto today to deliver more power, torque and economy. 

2014 Mk7 VW Golf GTi Performance Rolling Road V-Box tuned 2014 Mk7 VW Golf GTi Performance Rolling Road V-Box tune

An SnM customer's  Mk7 VW Golf GTi Performance getting a V-box fitted and dialled in on The Viezu Rolling Road - 29/04/14

Bristol Audi S-Tronic tuning remapping SEAT Skoda VW DSG tuning remapping Bristol Audi S-Tronic tuning remapping SEAT Skoda VW DSG tuning remapping


We are now tuning / remapping both petrol and diesel Audi S-Tronic, SEAT, Skoda and VW DSG gearboxes. The improvements are truly amazing.

Viezu ECU tuning remapping Bristol

SnM Group are pleased to announce our new partnership with Viezu & Paramount Performance. We can now remap more vehicles and do them 7 days a week.

We now also supply Milltek performance exhausts, K&N and BMC air filters.

We have access to a rolling road for development work on more specialist setups, or to show you how much we have improved your vehicle.


We now can also remap the VAG Group DSG gearboxes.

Skoda Roomster 1.4 ECU Remap tuning Bristol


09/13 - A Power map transformed this 1.4 Skoda Roomster. The owner is now very happy with how it accelerates from a standstill, and out on the open road too.

Porsche 911 3.8 Carrera 2 ECU Remap tuning Bristol

09/13 - A power map will give this beauty 380 BHP plus, to go as good as it looks.

FIAT Ducato Motorhome ECU Remap tuning Bristol



08/13 - An Economy remap with extra torque on this FIAT Ducato motorhome will make the journeys cheaper & more enjoyable.

Jeep Grand Cherokee ECU Remap tuning Bristol

08/13 - An Eco map with added torque so the Jeep Grand Cherokee moves quicker & more economically. Over 25% more economically in fact !

Audi TT 2.0 TFSi 1.8 TFSi 3.2 2.0 TDi ECU Remap tuning Bristol

08/13 - After 6 years, this Audi TT owner wants to liven his car up with a Power remap. He'll like the extra 45 horses & 75 torques.

SAAB 1.9 Ttdi TDi diesel twin turbo 93 9-3 93X 9-3X ECU Remap tuning Bristol


08/13 - Great Feedback from a pleased Saab 9-3X 1.9 Ttdi owner we remapped this week - Don't wait, get your remap done now. My car has a new lease of life, more power, more mpg and more torque without the need to change gears constantly.
They are a professional company with people who understand your car, your engine and your pocket. Backed by a comprehensive guarantee.
I have a smoother engined car and the power and economy which will pay for itself over and over again.

Nissan X-Trail 2.0 dCi ECU Remap tuning Bristol


08/13 - This 173 BHP Nissan X-Trail dCi is getting more towing power & MPG with a Combination remap.

BMW X6 X6M ECU Remap tuning Bristol


07/13 - We got the same response to 2 Power Maps at opposite ends of the scale this week - 'It pulls like a train'. The cars - a Citroen C3 1.6 HDi & a BMW X6M ! Power difference between the 2 is about 460 BHP !

BMW 530 530d 3.0 diesel ECU Remap tuning Bristol


07/13 - A power map will give this BMW 530d a new lease of life.

Mercedes CLS 320 CDi ECU Remap tuning Bristol


10/06/13 – Another 35+ BHP with a Power remap should blow the dust quickly off this Mercedes CLS 320 CDi.

Ford Mondeo ST 2.2 TDCi ECU Remap tuning Bristol

28/05/13 - Our 3rd remap in Farnham. A Ford Mondeo ST 2.2 TDCi having a Combination remap.

Land Rover Discovery 3 2.7 TDV6 ECU Remap tuning Bristol

24/04/13 - Briz-Graphics' Land Rover Discovery 3 TDV6 getting an Economy remap with extra torque for towing.

12/04/13 - A Jaguar S Type 2.7 TDV6 getting Performance remapped.

Ford KUGA 2.0 TDCi ECU Remap tuning Bristol

10/04/13 - A Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi being Economy remapped.

Jeep Compass 2.2 CRD ECU Remap tuning Bristol

06/04/13 - A brand new Jeep Compass 2.2 CRD getting a Combination remap.

Alfa GT 1.9 JTD ECU Remap Tuning Bristol

30/03/13 – An Alfa GT 1.9 JTD getting a Combination map today.

Range Rover Sport 2.7 TDV6 ECU Remap Tuning Bristol

20/03/13 - A Range Rover Sport 2.7 TDV6 getting a Combination remap.

Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi ECU Remap Tuning Bristol

19/03/13 - A fellow kit car owner having his 2.0 TDCi Mondeo Economy remapped with added torque for towing.

MINI Clubman Cooper Cooper D Cooper S JCW John Cooper Works One ECU Remap Tuning Bristol

14/03/13 - A 2008 MINI Clubman Cooper S having a Power map.

Audi A4 Tdi 2.0 1.9 CVT Automatic DSG ECU Remap Tuning Bristol

01/03/13 - Today's 2007 Audi A4 2.0 TDi getting a power remap.

28/02/13 - 2 customers are taking advantage of our mobile & flexible service this week.

A MINI Clubman owner on Sunday and an Alfa GT owner on Wednesday.

We have copied their ECU maps and got their new ones written, and will be returning at a convenient time to upload them.

Audi A6 Tdi 2.0 1.9 CVT Automatic DSG ECU Remap Tuning Bristol

26/02/13 - A late booking today to remap a 2007 2.0 TDi Audi A6 in a bid to get the performance and economy up near that of the owners' previous A4 1.9 TDi

Volvo XC90 XC-90 D5 diesel ECU Remap Tuning Bristol

04/02/13 - A 2006 Volvo XC90 we remapped this week with an Economy map with a bias for towing. The owner does not tow anything but said the car is so big and heavy it lacked acceleration from standstill, and for overtaking.

30/01/13 - Our new & improved website goes live !

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