Engine Carbon Clean

Why your vehicle needs an Engine Carbon Clean;
When fuel like petrol & diesel burns in plenty of air the products are colourless gases, carbon dioxide and steam (water).
When it doesn't burn completely it produces soot (a black carbon deposit).
This happens in vehicle engines, not enough oxygen combines with the fuel and so soot is deposited in the cylinders and exhaust pipe.
Audi petrol FSi engines are particularly prone to this as the petrol is directly injected into the cylinders.
When carbon is cold it actually absorbs fuel and moisture, it can actually corrode your engine from the inside out.
Our climate is ideal for carbon build up due mostly to low temperatures and moisture in the air. 

A lot of diesel engines do short journeys so a combination of not getting fully warmed up or revved relatively hard for very long means they carbon up badly affecting the engine, EGR (exhaust gas recirculation valve), turbo and DPF (diesel particulate filter).
All fuels are what is classified as hydro carbons, which is essentially a bond of a fuel and carbon, and when the fuel is burnt off you are left with carbon. By adding hydrogen we are in basic terms reversing the process, hydrogen is then re-bonding with carbon and producing a methane like gas (which is the funny smell behind the car when cleaning) which is how it burns out without clogging the turbo, DPF, CAT etc.

How the Engine Carbon Clean Service Works

The mobile Engine Carbon Clean unit is connected to the engine’s air intake.
A small amount of electrically charged hydrogen & oxygen is injected while the engine runs for approxiamately 30 minutes.
The entire inlet system, cylinder head and exhaust manifold, turbo, sensors, CAT & DPF if fitted are cleansed without any interference or damage to them.
The Engine Carbon Clean unit is safely disconnected and the vehicle is ready to be driven.

Gaining recognition and Endorsements

As well as working with the Ministry of Defence, we are gaining an increasng number of fleets and garages including main dealers who are using our service. We are now endorsed by Volkswagen and Isuzu dealership Cordwallis Group, and we are working for a number of Audi dealers too. 

We are proud to announce we are now the only company in the industry to be Which Trusted Traders !


We are also proud members of the Road Haulage Association.

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