Old and New Style Tuning Boxes

Sometimes the only way to remap a vehicle is by a tuning box. Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota 4x4s are typical examples.

But a newer range of vehicles are also only mappable by a tuning box.

These include the latest Mk7 VW Golfs, the BMW F ranges of 1 Series, 3 Series and 5 Series and the Lexus IS200d and 220d models.

The latest tuning boxes are about 1/3 the size of the older ones and are more adjustable too.


Just added is a tuning box for the new Toyota Hi Lux. Programmable for Power, Torque, Economy or a combination.

An SnM Customer's VMK & VW Golf GTi Performance on Viezu's Rolling Road
VW Golf Mk7 GTi Performance engine uncovered
The new style tuning box.
Monitoring the exhaust is as important as watching what the front wheels are telling you.
Installation neatly completed.
The end results - 35 BHP & 32 Ft/lb of torque !

New plug in map-able tuning boxes now ready and available for:

(New applications being added all the time)

118d F-20/21

120d F-20/21

125i  Turbo F-20/21
130d F-20/21


320d F30

320i  Turbo F30
325i  Turbo F30
325d F30
330d F30


520i  Turbo F07/10/11

520d F07/10/11

525i  Turbo F07/10/11

525d F07/10/11

530d F07/10/11


V8 twin turbo M series

Lexus IS 200D & 220D


Porsche Cayenne 3.0 TSI hybrid

Toyota Hi Lux 2.5D & 3.0D

VAG 2014 2.0 TSI engines
VAG 2014 2.0 TDI engines

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